Jello Tweeted by Kreayshawn

Looks like Kreayshawn was giving Jello some love, but I hadn't seen it. Hope this was directed at us as well as The Pack! Thank you!! 

Mami hello make it wiggle like jello.

— Osama Bin On One (@KREAYSHAWN)

TINAMINA featured on

“젤로(JELLO)는 여성들이 신나게 엉덩이를 흔들면서 춤추게 만듭니다. 올해 여름을 뜨겁게 달굴 클럽 노래가 될 거에요.”
- DJ 리들러 (DJ Riddler, 뉴욕 103.5FM & 100.3FM, 포틀랜드 100.3FM & 휴스턴 “Hot 95.7 FM”의 라디오 DJ)

“정말 좋은 곡이에요! 어서 빨리 그녀와…

Please Request TINAMINA 'Jello' on the Radio!

Since Jello has started to play on the radio, please take a moment to request 'Jello' and keep it going! grin emoticon 
(Currently playing on the radio on WNCI in Colombus, OH, KSMB in Lafayette, LA and now Oklahoma, too!!)…